Movie Review: Hobbs and Shaw

movie review hobbs and shaw

We are going to review the first film of this week Hobbs and Shaw. The name of this film is Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw. Now let’s talk about what is Hobbs and Shaw is this really a movie?  No, Hobbs and Shaw is an injection of action of 2 hours 16  min when it inserts in your body, your body gets warm and allowing some vibrations in your body. So if you come theatre from your bike then you leave the theatre after watching Hobbs and Shaw then your bike definitely takes you on a high level of rides. Your bike takes you to the storm, like Two Storm who is none other than Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Jason Statham.

Both actors show different levels of muscularity and great fight sequences along with Idris Elba,  Idris Elba who plays the villain and Black Superman in this movie. Idris Elba is fantastic he is tall and strong he never gets effected with anything and He programmed like that nobody can destroy him. Vanessa Kirby plays a blond hottie and Jason Statham’s sister in this movie. She works for MI and She injected Virus herself. The film is about around this virus the name is Snow Flake. The Virus has the capability to destroy human organs and what happens next when these Two Storm comes, One Storm has come from London (The Rock) and another Storm comes from L.A. What happens next when these two Storm meet and do bang on screen.

There is a surprise guest appearance in the movie who is none other than Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds who plays an agent in the movie. Not only this, you people get absolutely stunned after watching high octane action sequences which are shot in Samoan island and you will see amazing breathtaking locations and views. This movie is totally worth to watch.

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